Who We Are

Estd. 1986

The year Arab India Spices LLC is established. Shortly after its inception, there was no looking back of the ever-growing global agricultural trade and became one the first millers that catered to the entire middle east with a diversified variety of high-quality pulses and ground spices.
Arab India Spices is committed to their customer’s expectation in every way to focusing on innovative approach under the leadership of Mr. Harish. Our cutting-edge technology makes us distinctive and unparalleled with well-established network of Trade partners across the globe
Throughout our journey, our company has made a prominent mark within the international food marketing and supply chain. At the heart of Arab India Spices, is a very transparent principled code of conduct, adhering the sustainability and honouring with excellence.

What Arab India Spices is..

Born in UAE in 1986

Second largest pulse processor in the world with the largest integrated capacity (200k+ MT).

Has manufacturing facility, processing and warehouse unit at Ajman spreaded over 352k Sq. ft.

Built 12 silos spreading over 300,000 Sq. ft. in Hamriyah FZ, Sharjah which is the largest in the entire GCC and one of the largest non-government Pulses Storage Silos in the region, with storage total capacity of 52,000 MT.

Created legacy of over 3 decades in delivering high quality pulses & spices across the world from UAE.

Has developed an in-house know how team for setting up new lines.

Imports raw material from over 30 countries.

Has long standing trust & strong network of growers suppliers / brokers / traders / processors / manufacturers (850+) and customers worldwide (3,700+).

Exports to over 49 countries.

One of the largest food importer by volume in the UAE.

Developed trusted brand in GCC for over 3 decades “777” and has very strong distribution network.

Has a fleet of over 125 vehicles from trailers & heavy trucks (20+) to trucks & vans (100+).

years experience

Let's grow together

ISO 22000 certified, Arab India Spices is one-of-a-kind, boasts 17 production lines operating under an umbrella. Our undeterred efforts to continuously innovation and improve provide us with our competitive advantages.

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