Arab India Spices, always emphasis on interacting with stake holders, customers, employers, partners, etc. in order to face challenges arises in the due course for discussion in order to implement sustainability, ethics and social responsibility. Agriculture being an essential source for the planet, as well as inevitable aspect, utmost attention is paid on focussing on issues relating to environment and deficit resources and continue to support social challenges.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the company is committed to overall development, and growth as well as aims on improving quality of life by creating social friendly environment around us and beyond the ambit of business.

In addition, we support a charitable organisation by the name of Human Appeal International to share a certain percentage of the profits generated from selling our consumer brand RK and Soorya, that way, the consumer buying this product contributes to charity in their own distinctive way.

Apart from the aforesaid, our company also makes constant efforts and provides aid to the workers in the labour camps within Dubai with food and other needs. We have also played a proactive role during COVID-19 outbreak by catering food and shelter to many jobless labour and also helped several in reaching back to their homeland.